The Richmond Hotel, Oxford

Food and drink

Oxford is well supplied with places to eat and drink. The city centre offers most of the national and international chains to be found in any large city in the UK, but Oxford’s real value is in its independent restaurants, cafés and bars.

Walton Street and Little Clarendon Street offer a range of eating places, some good, some interesting, some both.

Café life

There are many cafés and bistros in Oxford. We mention here a few which are of special interest.

The Jericho Café is a neighbourhood café of high quality: a pleasant space; newspapers; coffee and snacks; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open from 09.00 until 21.00 on Sunday; 08.00 until 21.30, Monday to Thursday; 08.00 until 22.00 on Friday and Saturday.

G&D’s has three branches; the original is in Little Clarendon Street, a short walk from The Richmond. Notable for its own ice cream (made in the basement) and for bagels, it is very popular and sometimes very crowded. Other branches are in St Aldate’s (close to Christ Church) and Cowley Road. All are open between 08.00 and midnight, seven days a week.

Maison Blanc is in Woodstock Road, just round the corner from Little Clarendon Street. Raymond Blanc opened it in 1981 to bring the qualities of a traditional French bakery and patisserie to Oxford. It now has a small café.

Taylor’s is a recent addition to the local café scene. Located at 1 Woodstock Road, at the corner of Little Clarendon Street, it offers a range of good sandwiches (baguette, ciabatta, wraps), pasta and soups. Eat in or take out. Good coffee.


The Jericho Café
Maison Blanc Oxford